Passport, shopping and balance bike

This is a translation from the swedish post from yesterday so it might seem a bit confusing...

Since A is turning 3 in November it is now time to get him a new passport (they are valid for 5 years). Swedes seem to go crazy in summer applying for passports queues are ridiculous so I would have prefered to wait a bit but we needed it urgently so that R can start the visa process in Dubai asap. Therefore we went up to Borlänge today and to make sure to avoid some waiting we were there 10 minutes before they opened and even though there were quite a few people there only 2 of them had to apply for passports so we were number 3. Guess how my heart sank when she told me she had to check what stuff I needed to apply for a passport since we dont live in Sweden! :O Eeehhh? It turns out you might have to show a visa or something similar she told me. After long minutes with them on the phone in the back office it turns out we dont need anything, phew! While processing the application we talk a bit and it turns out that the clerks sister is moving to Dubai as her sisters husband works with Etihad (but they will stay in Dubai)! The world is so small sometimes....

The day passed quickly then, some shopping at Kupolen shopping centre, I did find a few things even though the sales had been on for a very long time. We stopped at a few other shops on the way home we found a note to go collect the balance bike we had ordered.

The kids had time to try it for a little bit before it was time for dinner and bed. Im spending the evning infront of the Tv, watching some athletics and feeling brain dead. 

R is on the flight to Dubai, he sent me and sms saying he felt very emotional to leave his country. He said now he can relate to what I did for him. I feel bad for him, its not easy but I think this will be a good move for us and I KNOW it will be good for him to get out of Malta.

Im hoping for a better night tonight, J has been complaining a lot at night since we got here and I got the feeling it was cause A had put up a leg and an arm on her. We have slept in my old 120 cm bed all 3 and I think it has been too squashed for her. A and I like to stay close but J is her fathers daughter and like her space so tonight we will try to sleep in my mums double bed instead. All fingers crossed it will work out

The cabin

On our first day here we went up to the forest to spend some time at my dad´s cabin, not much to say about it, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The cabin

Both kids fishing with my brother

My great grandmother fishing

Only one pitiful small fish was caught!

The flights

This time our travelling will go down in history as one of the worst times ever. It started good, we got seats on the flight from Malta, we landed on time but by the check in they refused to accept our tickets! It didnt matter that Lufhansa is part of the ZED agreement they refused our ticket because it was issued in the name of SAS with the comment to be used for any ZED carrier. To make matters worse SAS didnt even fly between Munich and Arlanda and a confirmed ticket would have been 525 Euro per person. I called the manager at AirMaltas staff travel to see what could be done and he insisted on trying to convince the germans to accept my ticket (completely useless since they had tried all they could to help me already). Eventually he solved it by issuing us an e ticket and we got seasts on a flight 2 hours later but Im not joking when I say I wanted to lie down on the floor and cry! Kids were tired but refused to sleep so the last flight was not a great one. Lufthansa claimed the flight was so full we couldnt get seats next to eachother so we sat around the isle, kids "next to" eachother and me behind. Two older couples had squeezed in near the kids and even though they heard me trying to talk to the kids neither of them offered to change seats so we could sit together. How do people think in a case like that? Did they really understand what it would have meant to sit near a 3 or 4 year old child without a parent next to them? Wouldnt it be easier for everyone to just change seats for a 2 hour flight? Thanks to the two young girls that were seated next to me we got to sit next to eachother in the end, they did offer as soon as they realised what the situation was like.

When we finally arrived at Arlanda my dad picked us up and after a very long trip that started at 6.45 am at 9 pm we arrived at my mums house!

Our last day in Malta

We spent our last day in Malta at Splash and Fun, the kids had such a great time and didnt want to go home. J claimed she hadnt played at all and wanted to stay even though we had been there from 9am till 4.30pm! :)

Kids playtower

R and J coming down the slide

R and A at full speed

R under the water here, anything to keep J above :)

"Lazy River" was a good activity for me to do with the kids :)

One last trip down the yellow (faster) slide before going home

Goodbye Gharhgur!

When we left from our house the other day to go sleep at the inlaws flat the last few nights A was sooo sad. He cried and cried "I will miss our house", "I will miss Gharghur", "I will miss Three Crowns", I will miss our balcony" etc etc. With all his sadness both me and R ended up crying with him. My little sweetheart <3. I hope he will find his place qickly in Dubai and realise we will be better off there.


Yesterday I had more than one breakdown. Sunday evening we realised that the flight from Malta to Munich is full on thursday. Even overbooked :O How should we solve this? Travel Wed or Friday? After some thinking we decided to try for Wed so that if we dont make that flight at least we have another 2 days to try before R leaves. IF we were to miss the friday flight we would have to stay here alone while waiting for the next flight.

This of course meant we hade even less time to clean and empty the last things in the house.  I couldnt leave R with too much to do so yesterday I cleaned out the whole house, including dusting, windows etc apart from cleaning the floors. Started at 7 am and finished at 16 (there is your reason for my breakdowns). My body was aching all over but I kept pushing on so that we could take today off and spend it together, the whole family. I cant really get to grips with the fact that we wont be seeing him for 2 months now. And it had go to be even worse for him, at least I have the kids!

Today we should be off to Splash and Fun for a whole day and then dinner out somewhere (im hoping Hanks) and tomorrow hopefully to Sweden via Munich. Next post will wait until we are in Sweden, dont want to miss a second of our last day together!

Last night

....tonight will be our last night in our house. Im here with tear in my eyes and butterflies in my stomach. What are we doing? How can we leave our beloved home? I know things will be good in Dubai, I know we are doing the right thing but it still feels so sad. We had so many dreams when we moved here, dreams for the house and our lives and now, 2 years later we are already moving out :(


In the middle of the moving stress I have to take a break and wonder what kind of world I brought children to...My thoughts and heart goes out to the norwegians, all the victims, families, survivers and rescue staff!

New design....

...and profile photo!

Hope you like it, design is from a swedish webiste Design Bloggar and the photo was taken by my friend Anne at Cloudberry Images.

Thank you so much!


Seriously, how much cr@p should you take from the in-laws? Its like terror. Right now they are in Canada on holiday and the other day they called us at 7am to ask us to switch on skype. We had just woken up some 5 minutes before that! And now this afternoon, sister in law calls me to tell me to switch on skype so that we can talk to her parents. Since when do you have to be available all the time? This afternoon R wasnt even home, he had taken the kids to swim.

One thing Im not looking forward to about Dubai is this. Is it going to be like this? That they call or text us and "force" us to the compuer and skype. They have to realise that there is no need for daily contact and I get a bit annoyed with R cause it seems like he thinks that just cause I dont work and am available more I should add them to my new personal skype and talk to them. But I dont want to talk to them more than possibly saying a hi when he and the kids talk to them. Even if he will be working more now and have layovers he wont be way for weeks on end! The easiest would be if each keep contact with their own familt? I would never expect of him to give daily updates to my mum. And fine, I do have lots of contact with my mum, some sort almost daily. Sometimes a call on skype and sometimes a few words on the chat if we happen to be by the computers at the same time but I only talk to my dad at the most once a week, most of the time not even that. If he or she is not online I will wait until they are online and its a good time, I only call and ask them to come online if its something very important that needs to be discussed there and then. If there was only a way to tell the in-laws (without offending them) that I would add them on my skype but I dont want them to call, only leave a line if they havent gotten through to R in a while or just to check if we are ok. When we live so far away from them they have to accept that they cant be part of everything in our lives anymore!

We had the best day so far....

...this summer yesterday. We went to Paradise Bay, water was lovely 27 degrees and we played and swum and even stayed for lunch. My salad was surprisingly fresh and the kids enjoyed their pizza but we were charged "wrong" for the kids meal. According to the menu they were supposed to be 4.50 € but we paid 11 € in total. When R went back to tell them they gave him his money back and explained that something was wrong with inputting in the POS. We didnt think about it further but later on I was wondering if it really was a mistake or if they inputted the wrong amount to overcharge a bit and get some extra cash from any ppl who wouldnt check the bill and realise? It would be a rather typical Maltese thing..... 

Anyway, after lunch we rented a kayak for ½ hour and we paddled around a bit in the bay. It was a double kayak where there was (just about) enough space for small children and it was very nice (but slightly tiring). At 3pm we gave up and went home, totally exhausted!

R is already at work, on his way to Amsterdam with his brother and now wife on board, starting their honeymoon. My project for today is to sort out all the outgrown clothes and see what to give to whom. Then its actually time to start packing up the boxes for the cargo to Dubai! Our plan is to move up to parents in law summer flat on sunday to have a couple of days to clean out our house when its completely empty. R got his ticket and some other info and paperwork to fill in from Emirates. The move is just around the corner now!

Its raining its boring....

Not fully true, the sun has been as hot as ever today but it has been a boring day for us all. We had a bunch of errands to do so we spent lots of time waiting and waiting but we did manage to get a lot of things sorted out. When R is finally in Dubai I know details will start to fall in place, regarding dates for travelling etc, right now everything feels really vague. I cant wait to leave Malta now...cant wait to get to Sweden for a nice long holiday followed by getting settled in Dubai. I look forward to meeting some new people, especially C, the girl I have had daily contact with since we got in touch ( her hubby is joining Emirates about 3 weeks after R).  I look forward to getting settled in our new home and starting our new lives!

Welcome to the world!

Got an sms from a friend in Sweden that just became a dad for the first time.

Congrats C on your little boy!


More farewell...

On wed afternoon we went to Qawra for a dip with parents in law. We had a shower at their summer place, some kebab for dinner and then a small stroll on the promenade. Then we said our farewell to A & G since they are going to Canada on sunday.  She cried a bit, and so did R in the car on the way home. I realised I hadnt thought about the fact that he was actually saying bye to his parents "for good". We will be back of course, but we wont be living "around the corner" from them anymore and maybe I should have thought about how strange and sad it will be for R. We did take extra good care of him that evening and assured him that we will be fine, as long as we have eachother.


Yesterday we had a lovely day on the beach. We went to our favourite beach Ghadira where two friends and their son joined us. Time literally flew by and before we knew it it was time to go home for lunch. With the sun burning the way it does we try to go swimming in the morning (or afternoon) and avoid being out between noon and 3pm. Our friends also wanted to take this opportunity to tell us the secret that they are pregnant, what good news! Congrats to them!

In the afternoon we relaxed at home, we all got exhausted with all the sun I guess :)

And its off....

This morning the customs officer came and checked the container, just about half an hour before the truckdriver came to load it and take it to the port. Its on its way! Exciting...and slightly scary! Hope everything goes to plan so we get to see our things again. Thinking about pirates in african waters for example.

Ready to be sealed

Ready to be picked up...

And away it goes!

A very sad little J. She couldnt get the concept that our things were not sent off never to be seen again but that we would get them again in Dubai. Very similar to A´s reaction a some years ago when we sent our pushchair with the special luggage at the airport. He thought we would never see it again poor thing.

Best cleaning equipment

Our cleaning equipment is outstanding and a friend who moved to London had to buy a new set from Malta when she was here cause it couldnt be found in London. Therefore while I was writing about cleaning the floors I had a thought...what if I cant find the same system in Dubai? Should I run out quickly and buy another one and stuff it in the container? After having thought about it a bit more I think the best thing to do is to get a new one and pack it with the stuff we are sending by cargo so R will get it quickly once he gets there. Good thing I dont have to stress out again today to go for it!

Here is a link to the best floor cleaning equipment

Ops! Now that I thought about it again I realise that I need to send it with the container anyway since I will need the special bucket for it and the bucket is too bulky to send with the cargo!

Busy busy

I cant belive something is going on all the time. Yesterday we finished the container up to the organising of the boxes. We were waiting for a few things from our friends in Dubai that they wanted to fit in the container and now we have to try to make everything as evenly high as possible so things dont move around.

Today as been as busy, first we went for some more vaccinations, then off to the shipping company for some paperwork and then we had a look through the whole house one last time to make sure all small things were packed for the container. At the same time I cleaned the floors, hadnt been done properly in ages since we had boxes and things all over the place. Right now Im taking a break while the washingmachine is washing the floor cloths. R installed the new dishwasher and had to go get a few things before we can try running it (empty) for a first time. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed.

Container update

Birthday pictures

J 3 years old

Birthday cake already at 8.15 am!

Our own Rapunzel :)


The container is here! As soon as R returns from the ironmonger with padlocks can we start taking things down!


Yesterday we went for the farewell bbq with "The spanish group". They are the guys R studied with in Spain to become a pilot. It was really nice and I managed without crying but the fb status of one of the guys moved me to tears more than once already....
"Farewell to my wingman! Everyone has his path to walk, I just HOPE ours will cross again and again. Wish you all the best and may be one day you will remind me how to play that Chinese poker game :-). God speed buddy!"

To see that someone cares that R is leaving warmed my heart. After all this move is even harder and scarier for him than it is for me. Even though we dont see this guy very often anymore (I think mainly cause we are in different stages in our lives since they dont have any kids yet) I came to think about how much they have shared and how he actually made it a point to come all the way to Sweden for our wedding! Its easy to take eachother for granted and not make an effort when you live so close and you dont realise how many good ppl you have around you. Even though I really look forward to the move and I dont really have any close friends here other than a few mothers I meet every once in a while it still feels sad and slightly scary to leave the country that has been my home for 10 years now....

3 years old

Today our little one turned 3....its crazy how time flies! She woke up last this morning and I told her to go back to bed so we could come sing for her. She was slightly offended when we came in and didnt want to look up when we came in with the presents sining. She got lots of presents, everything on the princess theme. Princess crown, dress, books cushion etc. As she wanted to we took her to a restaurant to eat lunch.

This year was a year full of growth for her, she started "school" and even though we had some problems leaving her in the beginning she has enjoyed it a lot. She started suttering, or getting stuck on words when she talks. It comes a goes a bit and we hope it will pass soon. She has not yet learnt to listen to me or her dad, according to her teachers she listens to them and her granny says both kids are sooo well behaved, but at home....She drives me insane some times when she pretends not to hear. I can see a cheeky smile on her lips so its obvious she knows she is doing wrong. All I can do is insist and hope she will grow out of it soon :D

Regardless of her stubbornness (where did she get that from? ehm) she is a very sweet and loving little girl and we lover her more and more each day. <3

Time to go home

On Thursday mum is going back home. Right now I feel its about time...she wants something to happen ALL the time and complaining and chasing me the moment I sit down. I fed up packing, Im fed up deciding what is coming and what is for throwing away and I dont feel like taking any more decisions!

The talk

Talked to A about the move the day after my last post. He told me he is looking forward to the move but he is worried about missing his friends from school. I told him its fully understandable and we talked for a long time about Dubai and his new school and looked at pictures and films until he felt better. I hope it will remain ok.

Feeling a bit low....

My mum told me about something A had told her one morning and it really made me sad. They had been looking in an activity book and at the back of it there was a mirror where you should draw something you wish for. When my mum asked A what he wishes for he replied " that we dont have to move to Dubai" :(

To be honest I was really surprised, havent seen any such feelings beofre, he has seemes content with the move. Dont know how to interpret it either, does he really feel that way or is it more the normal case where he never wants to do anything we suggest and then he ends up having a blast? If he really feels that why, why hasnt he told me about it? Could he have been affected by the fact that he saw me cry when we said goodbye at the school? I explained to him how I felt but maybe it wasnt clear enough?

As an adult I know that this is the bes for us, I know he will get new friends through school and even outside of school, swedes, maltese and ppl starting at the same time as R...(we dont even have playdates here so apart from getting to know new kids in school I think it will be a more social lifestyle in Dubai). As a child he has nothing to relate to when it comes to Dubai. Its a place he knows nothing about, hasnt experienced himself and doesnt know what to expect. Maybe that is why he would feel that way?

We chose the positive approach about the move and have kept quite a light attitude towards it, maybe it wasnt the best for A? Maybe we should have toned it down a bit to give him the chance to voice his own concerns? He knows his schoolmates wont be staying with Ms. A after summer, that they are moving on to Grade 2 and when his teacher has talked about it she has apparently mentioned that A wont be here for Grade 2, maybe it affected him too? Realising what he will be missing out on here in Malta.

Anyway, my plan is to talk to him about it tomorrow. I wont tell him my mum told me what he said but I will see what he thinks about the move. See if we can straighten out some questions of his. We can see pictures of the school and the house and maybe watch the DVD Emirates gave us (if I can find it) I will try to be more clear about my tears so he knows that Im excited and happy about the move and that we will be happy in Dubai.

I cant ask of a soon to be 5 year old to understand what this means and why we have to move but I can at least try to help him feel a bit better about it. Keep all your fingers crossed for me tomorrow. I feel so bad for my little boy  <3


Today we went swimming at Ghadira. Got there at 8.30 and left at 14, still the kids were not satisfied. Both of them wanted to stay!Thanks to the wind I could stand it, but it was tricky. My mum is really red and Im a bit red on my hip. Realise now that its easy to miss the spot on the hip by the bikini line when I put sunblock but now I´ve learnt my lesson. Very clumsy from my part, I shouldnt get burnt at all :(

Both the kids and R are sleeping. R will be picked up at 5.20 tomorrow, 5.30 the following day and 5.20 again on monday. Tough mornings for him, Im hoping for a bit of a sleep in tomorrow :D My mum and me are on the sofa with a laptop each, like idiots...finished the cherries (apart from 8 that I kept for the kids) Going to take an early evening as J woke me up at 5.45 this morning and then a full day in the sun, Im feeling exhausted!
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