Passport, shopping and balance bike

This is a translation from the swedish post from yesterday so it might seem a bit confusing...

Since A is turning 3 in November it is now time to get him a new passport (they are valid for 5 years). Swedes seem to go crazy in summer applying for passports queues are ridiculous so I would have prefered to wait a bit but we needed it urgently so that R can start the visa process in Dubai asap. Therefore we went up to Borlänge today and to make sure to avoid some waiting we were there 10 minutes before they opened and even though there were quite a few people there only 2 of them had to apply for passports so we were number 3. Guess how my heart sank when she told me she had to check what stuff I needed to apply for a passport since we dont live in Sweden! :O Eeehhh? It turns out you might have to show a visa or something similar she told me. After long minutes with them on the phone in the back office it turns out we dont need anything, phew! While processing the application we talk a bit and it turns out that the clerks sister is moving to Dubai as her sisters husband works with Etihad (but they will stay in Dubai)! The world is so small sometimes....

The day passed quickly then, some shopping at Kupolen shopping centre, I did find a few things even though the sales had been on for a very long time. We stopped at a few other shops on the way home we found a note to go collect the balance bike we had ordered.

The kids had time to try it for a little bit before it was time for dinner and bed. Im spending the evning infront of the Tv, watching some athletics and feeling brain dead. 

R is on the flight to Dubai, he sent me and sms saying he felt very emotional to leave his country. He said now he can relate to what I did for him. I feel bad for him, its not easy but I think this will be a good move for us and I KNOW it will be good for him to get out of Malta.

Im hoping for a better night tonight, J has been complaining a lot at night since we got here and I got the feeling it was cause A had put up a leg and an arm on her. We have slept in my old 120 cm bed all 3 and I think it has been too squashed for her. A and I like to stay close but J is her fathers daughter and like her space so tonight we will try to sleep in my mums double bed instead. All fingers crossed it will work out


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