Today we went swimming at Ghadira. Got there at 8.30 and left at 14, still the kids were not satisfied. Both of them wanted to stay!Thanks to the wind I could stand it, but it was tricky. My mum is really red and Im a bit red on my hip. Realise now that its easy to miss the spot on the hip by the bikini line when I put sunblock but now I´ve learnt my lesson. Very clumsy from my part, I shouldnt get burnt at all :(

Both the kids and R are sleeping. R will be picked up at 5.20 tomorrow, 5.30 the following day and 5.20 again on monday. Tough mornings for him, Im hoping for a bit of a sleep in tomorrow :D My mum and me are on the sofa with a laptop each, like idiots...finished the cherries (apart from 8 that I kept for the kids) Going to take an early evening as J woke me up at 5.45 this morning and then a full day in the sun, Im feeling exhausted!


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