Very rough times

Right now everything feels like sh't to be honest. We dont know what will happen to us, will be able to stay in Malta? In our beloved home? Will we find something in Europe? No one has any answers and there are too many speculations and rumors going around. Applying for pilot jobs in time consuming, you dont just send in your CV. All airlines have their own application forms  and they take forever to fill up. The kids have been frustrated to have their daddy at home without having time for them, they just want to play. At the same time, some airlines have this strange policy where they only allow you to apply with the once. Emirates in Dubai is one of them, they offer the best package but R is not sure if he wants to "waste" his chance to apply there. I on the other hand think its now or never. Eventhouh right now Im very happy here and would prefer to stay I can sometimes feel its a dead end. If we stay R will remain First Officer for the rest of his life, no doubt about that, since he will end up at the bottom of the seniority list again. Plus if AirMalta remains in the governements hands Im not sure it has a future. Even if they make it through this chrisis I have my doubt that they can run it properly to make it last. Of course the ideal thing would have been if we could have stayed here while looking for other jobs in Europe but that would have been too good to be true I guess.

Mommy´s show

I just have to share this comment with you. One morning a couple of weeks ago I was up with both the kids (the last few days A has slept til way after 7!) and they were putting on some kind of show for me while I updated myself on the computer. When I was ready I was going to start my morning yoga from the magazine I bought in sweden called "Exercise at home" (full of good stuff for me, different programs to get some exercise done at home). I rolled out the mat on the floor while A pulls out their beaniebag next to me, tells his sister to sit down next to him "cause now we are going to watch mommy´s show"! :O

No way

...Im gonna let you iron tonight said J and woke up for the third time in 10 minutes, refusing to sleep again so now im sitting in the dark with her next to me on the sofa. She is sleeping again but for now I will leave her there and stay in the dark. Better luck tomorrow I guess :)

Back in blog routine?

Last friday R worked his first day (apart from a coupe of standbys) since we came back to Malta. Almost a whole month off! What a shame....though we took the opportunity and spent the time together instead of staying by the computers. Im looking for a comeback though, he is working a bit more towards the end of the month.

Maybe some more tomorrow, now im off to iron some shirts.

More or less in chock

The idea was that I would be back blogging and my plan was to make some updates last night but instead we got an email with the update on the unions meeting with the chairman. The plan is to have only 8 aircraft after summer and it depends a bit on "crew per aircraft ratio" but it appears my husband will be out of a job after summer.

It feels shitty, we had finally found a home, started preparing it and making it "ours", kids enjoy school and life could be more or less perfect. Now we spent last night looking for possible job openings even though we dont really want to leave Malta :(
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