Feeling a bit low....

My mum told me about something A had told her one morning and it really made me sad. They had been looking in an activity book and at the back of it there was a mirror where you should draw something you wish for. When my mum asked A what he wishes for he replied " that we dont have to move to Dubai" :(

To be honest I was really surprised, havent seen any such feelings beofre, he has seemes content with the move. Dont know how to interpret it either, does he really feel that way or is it more the normal case where he never wants to do anything we suggest and then he ends up having a blast? If he really feels that why, why hasnt he told me about it? Could he have been affected by the fact that he saw me cry when we said goodbye at the school? I explained to him how I felt but maybe it wasnt clear enough?

As an adult I know that this is the bes for us, I know he will get new friends through school and even outside of school, swedes, maltese and ppl starting at the same time as R...(we dont even have playdates here so apart from getting to know new kids in school I think it will be a more social lifestyle in Dubai). As a child he has nothing to relate to when it comes to Dubai. Its a place he knows nothing about, hasnt experienced himself and doesnt know what to expect. Maybe that is why he would feel that way?

We chose the positive approach about the move and have kept quite a light attitude towards it, maybe it wasnt the best for A? Maybe we should have toned it down a bit to give him the chance to voice his own concerns? He knows his schoolmates wont be staying with Ms. A after summer, that they are moving on to Grade 2 and when his teacher has talked about it she has apparently mentioned that A wont be here for Grade 2, maybe it affected him too? Realising what he will be missing out on here in Malta.

Anyway, my plan is to talk to him about it tomorrow. I wont tell him my mum told me what he said but I will see what he thinks about the move. See if we can straighten out some questions of his. We can see pictures of the school and the house and maybe watch the DVD Emirates gave us (if I can find it) I will try to be more clear about my tears so he knows that Im excited and happy about the move and that we will be happy in Dubai.

I cant ask of a soon to be 5 year old to understand what this means and why we have to move but I can at least try to help him feel a bit better about it. Keep all your fingers crossed for me tomorrow. I feel so bad for my little boy  <3


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