The flights

This time our travelling will go down in history as one of the worst times ever. It started good, we got seats on the flight from Malta, we landed on time but by the check in they refused to accept our tickets! It didnt matter that Lufhansa is part of the ZED agreement they refused our ticket because it was issued in the name of SAS with the comment to be used for any ZED carrier. To make matters worse SAS didnt even fly between Munich and Arlanda and a confirmed ticket would have been 525 Euro per person. I called the manager at AirMaltas staff travel to see what could be done and he insisted on trying to convince the germans to accept my ticket (completely useless since they had tried all they could to help me already). Eventually he solved it by issuing us an e ticket and we got seasts on a flight 2 hours later but Im not joking when I say I wanted to lie down on the floor and cry! Kids were tired but refused to sleep so the last flight was not a great one. Lufthansa claimed the flight was so full we couldnt get seats next to eachother so we sat around the isle, kids "next to" eachother and me behind. Two older couples had squeezed in near the kids and even though they heard me trying to talk to the kids neither of them offered to change seats so we could sit together. How do people think in a case like that? Did they really understand what it would have meant to sit near a 3 or 4 year old child without a parent next to them? Wouldnt it be easier for everyone to just change seats for a 2 hour flight? Thanks to the two young girls that were seated next to me we got to sit next to eachother in the end, they did offer as soon as they realised what the situation was like.

When we finally arrived at Arlanda my dad picked us up and after a very long trip that started at 6.45 am at 9 pm we arrived at my mums house!


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