Right now everything feels hopeless. My cold is not giving in including the headache, kids woke up too early this morning and have been driving me insane and to make matters worse J´s nursery is annoying me. Her daycare is brand new and the second branch in a chain and when I contacted them in april/may I was told that the details would be the same as the first branch. That would mean J would start at 7.30 and that would be perfect as I would then drop her off and take A to his school at 8. It also said the kids would get bfast, snack and lunch. This evening I get an email where they say that classes start at 8 and that if you come in early you have to wait with your child until the teacher is ready for the children at 8. Apart from this it says bfast service is avilable for working parents and those children that have to travel a long way and who register for it. Basically my whole planning is going down the drain and I feel upset and sad. I want to send them an angry email but have to wait until I have discussed it with R. He is out eating dinner I cant reach him and that makes me even more sad and angry. Its totally unreasonable, I know, but I cant help it, my patience is running out and the headache is affecting me more than I wish.


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Well done R!

R had two exams in Toulouse today, he passed with flying colors 100% and 99%. We are so proud of you!


I know website is in Swedish but should you wish to leave a comment click where it says "0 kommentarer" (or any number of course) Then fill in your details
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2½ weeks

Today we´ve had a really boring day, rain has been pouring down all day. Now we have about 2½ weeks until we leave for Dubai. I really look forward, Im missing R and I cant wait to settle in. I know I have written about this before but Im feeling it more and more, its taking up more time the closer we get to departure date.


I know website in Swedish but should you wish to leave a comment click where it says "0 kommentarer" (or any number of course) Then fill in your details
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In Dubai its common practice to have a living in maid that clean, cook and sometimes help with the kids. R and I was not on the same page originally and even though I could understand his reasoning I still felt it was an obvious choice. R said ppl dont live like that anywhere else in the world and that it would not be good for the kids as they would be a bit screwed when they grow up and cant clean or pick up. Personally I think its up to us to make sure they still learn to pick up after themselves anyway. Just cause you have someone to clean your house doesnt mean you dont have to pick up your toys at the end of the day. After explaining to R that I wouldnt let the kids boss the maid around he agreed that it was a brilliant idea to have a maid. This would mean that we would have more time together and since I really hate cleaning I think it would make me feel a lot better knowing I dont have to clean all the time. This is something my parents can not understand at all...if im not working and im not going to take care of the house, what am I going to do? Im sure I will be busy anyway, all other families in Dubai live like that and Im thinking I will finally have time to take care of myself a bit. Exercise, rest, socialize and be a better mother. I wonder if it could be the swedish jealousy? Wouldnt everyone want to have someone to clean for them? Regardless what it is I dont like that ppl see me as lazy ....Come on and let us enjoy life!

Why cant a good feeling remain?

It appears the hassle never end....After finishing yesterday with a good feeling it feels pitch black today. Driving licence is the problem, all of a sudden it seems I wont be allowed to drive as i didnt get an "Entry visa" but a "Resident visa" but dont ask me what the difference is, I only know that on entry visa I could drive but on resident I cant until I get the UAE diriving licence. This means neither me nor R can drive. That s%cks since we REALLY need to go here and there the first few days since we still dont have furniture or anything at home.

Butterflies in my stomach...

Late translation from a post made yesterday

Yesterday R collected our "Entry visas" that lets us enter Dubai as non tourists and also applied for our "joining tickets". Everything is computerized and even though he asked lots of ppl who to talk to about getting our tickets all the way from Sweden. I was hoping to avoid getting our own ticktes to Copenhagen since it would mean I would have to collect luggage and check-in again. Keeping in mind how many things I will be bringing I was not looking forward to it, especially with two wild children :) Our thought was that they could book the whole trip but charge us for the first leg. Today R got to know that the refused his request for tickes as we had to travel from Malta (because Malta is his "official home destination"). Sh&t! R called up his co-ordinator and got the name of the person he should talk to. She appeared very helpful and in the afternoon R got to know that they will not only book us all the way from Stockholm but they will also pay for us all the way! We will be arriving same day as R, 24th September but unfortunately we we have to travel via Copenhagen instead of Frankfurt where we could have met up with R but I guess we should be happy we got tickets all the way and our flight will land only 10 min before his flight from Frankfurt so we basically arrive at the same time :) I think the kids will be pretty impressed by the big airplane and the monitors with kids stuff and games that the flight will be ok even without R.

Goodbye Gharhgur!

When we left from our house the other day to go sleep at the inlaws flat the last few nights A was sooo sad. He cried and cried "I will miss our house", "I will miss Gharghur", "I will miss Three Crowns", I will miss our balcony" etc etc. With all his sadness both me and R ended up crying with him. My little sweetheart <3. I hope he will find his place qickly in Dubai and realise we will be better off there.

Last night

....tonight will be our last night in our house. Im here with tear in my eyes and butterflies in my stomach. What are we doing? How can we leave our beloved home? I know things will be good in Dubai, I know we are doing the right thing but it still feels so sad. We had so many dreams when we moved here, dreams for the house and our lives and now, 2 years later we are already moving out :(

Its raining its boring....

Not fully true, the sun has been as hot as ever today but it has been a boring day for us all. We had a bunch of errands to do so we spent lots of time waiting and waiting but we did manage to get a lot of things sorted out. When R is finally in Dubai I know details will start to fall in place, regarding dates for travelling etc, right now everything feels really vague. I cant wait to leave Malta now...cant wait to get to Sweden for a nice long holiday followed by getting settled in Dubai. I look forward to meeting some new people, especially C, the girl I have had daily contact with since we got in touch ( her hubby is joining Emirates about 3 weeks after R).  I look forward to getting settled in our new home and starting our new lives!

More farewell...

On wed afternoon we went to Qawra for a dip with parents in law. We had a shower at their summer place, some kebab for dinner and then a small stroll on the promenade. Then we said our farewell to A & G since they are going to Canada on sunday.  She cried a bit, and so did R in the car on the way home. I realised I hadnt thought about the fact that he was actually saying bye to his parents "for good". We will be back of course, but we wont be living "around the corner" from them anymore and maybe I should have thought about how strange and sad it will be for R. We did take extra good care of him that evening and assured him that we will be fine, as long as we have eachother.

And its off....

This morning the customs officer came and checked the container, just about half an hour before the truckdriver came to load it and take it to the port. Its on its way! Exciting...and slightly scary! Hope everything goes to plan so we get to see our things again. Thinking about pirates in african waters for example.

Ready to be sealed

Ready to be picked up...

And away it goes!

A very sad little J. She couldnt get the concept that our things were not sent off never to be seen again but that we would get them again in Dubai. Very similar to A´s reaction a some years ago when we sent our pushchair with the special luggage at the airport. He thought we would never see it again poor thing.

Best cleaning equipment

Our cleaning equipment is outstanding and a friend who moved to London had to buy a new set from Malta when she was here cause it couldnt be found in London. Therefore while I was writing about cleaning the floors I had a thought...what if I cant find the same system in Dubai? Should I run out quickly and buy another one and stuff it in the container? After having thought about it a bit more I think the best thing to do is to get a new one and pack it with the stuff we are sending by cargo so R will get it quickly once he gets there. Good thing I dont have to stress out again today to go for it!

Here is a link to the best floor cleaning equipment

Ops! Now that I thought about it again I realise that I need to send it with the container anyway since I will need the special bucket for it and the bucket is too bulky to send with the cargo!

Busy busy

I cant belive something is going on all the time. Yesterday we finished the container up to the organising of the boxes. We were waiting for a few things from our friends in Dubai that they wanted to fit in the container and now we have to try to make everything as evenly high as possible so things dont move around.

Today as been as busy, first we went for some more vaccinations, then off to the shipping company for some paperwork and then we had a look through the whole house one last time to make sure all small things were packed for the container. At the same time I cleaned the floors, hadnt been done properly in ages since we had boxes and things all over the place. Right now Im taking a break while the washingmachine is washing the floor cloths. R installed the new dishwasher and had to go get a few things before we can try running it (empty) for a first time. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed.

Container update


The container is here! As soon as R returns from the ironmonger with padlocks can we start taking things down!


Yesterday we went for the farewell bbq with "The spanish group". They are the guys R studied with in Spain to become a pilot. It was really nice and I managed without crying but the fb status of one of the guys moved me to tears more than once already....
"Farewell to my wingman! Everyone has his path to walk, I just HOPE ours will cross again and again. Wish you all the best and may be one day you will remind me how to play that Chinese poker game :-). God speed buddy!"

To see that someone cares that R is leaving warmed my heart. After all this move is even harder and scarier for him than it is for me. Even though we dont see this guy very often anymore (I think mainly cause we are in different stages in our lives since they dont have any kids yet) I came to think about how much they have shared and how he actually made it a point to come all the way to Sweden for our wedding! Its easy to take eachother for granted and not make an effort when you live so close and you dont realise how many good ppl you have around you. Even though I really look forward to the move and I dont really have any close friends here other than a few mothers I meet every once in a while it still feels sad and slightly scary to leave the country that has been my home for 10 years now....

The talk

Talked to A about the move the day after my last post. He told me he is looking forward to the move but he is worried about missing his friends from school. I told him its fully understandable and we talked for a long time about Dubai and his new school and looked at pictures and films until he felt better. I hope it will remain ok.

Feeling a bit low....

My mum told me about something A had told her one morning and it really made me sad. They had been looking in an activity book and at the back of it there was a mirror where you should draw something you wish for. When my mum asked A what he wishes for he replied " that we dont have to move to Dubai" :(

To be honest I was really surprised, havent seen any such feelings beofre, he has seemes content with the move. Dont know how to interpret it either, does he really feel that way or is it more the normal case where he never wants to do anything we suggest and then he ends up having a blast? If he really feels that why, why hasnt he told me about it? Could he have been affected by the fact that he saw me cry when we said goodbye at the school? I explained to him how I felt but maybe it wasnt clear enough?

As an adult I know that this is the bes for us, I know he will get new friends through school and even outside of school, swedes, maltese and ppl starting at the same time as R...(we dont even have playdates here so apart from getting to know new kids in school I think it will be a more social lifestyle in Dubai). As a child he has nothing to relate to when it comes to Dubai. Its a place he knows nothing about, hasnt experienced himself and doesnt know what to expect. Maybe that is why he would feel that way?

We chose the positive approach about the move and have kept quite a light attitude towards it, maybe it wasnt the best for A? Maybe we should have toned it down a bit to give him the chance to voice his own concerns? He knows his schoolmates wont be staying with Ms. A after summer, that they are moving on to Grade 2 and when his teacher has talked about it she has apparently mentioned that A wont be here for Grade 2, maybe it affected him too? Realising what he will be missing out on here in Malta.

Anyway, my plan is to talk to him about it tomorrow. I wont tell him my mum told me what he said but I will see what he thinks about the move. See if we can straighten out some questions of his. We can see pictures of the school and the house and maybe watch the DVD Emirates gave us (if I can find it) I will try to be more clear about my tears so he knows that Im excited and happy about the move and that we will be happy in Dubai.

I cant ask of a soon to be 5 year old to understand what this means and why we have to move but I can at least try to help him feel a bit better about it. Keep all your fingers crossed for me tomorrow. I feel so bad for my little boy  <3

Summer holidays!

Today the kids had their last school day, the last day ever at San Andrea. I felt really emotional and cried both when I dropped them off and when I picked them up (different ppl came to say goodbye) No matter how much I look forward to the move I feel really sad to leave the school and all the teachers that have meant so much to my kids. Not to mention the mental peace of mind when you know the teachers and staff. Even though the kids know they wont be coming back to San Andrea again I dont think they can really understand what it means. All the staff want to know how we get on and they want us to come visit when we are in Malta.

R is in Catania since yesterday and will come back tonight...brining cherries! They are cheap there compared to here so I made sure to send some boxes with him so that we can get some tasty berries for the beach tomorrow. Yes, Im finally going to swim! Sea temp is now 23 degrees so its enough for me. Looking forward!

Small update

Have taken a bit of a blog break again, sooo busy with the packing and now my mum is also here visiting and I have  no time to spare. Will be back on track as soon as things have slowed down....the container will be picked up on the 15th of july so after that we SHOULD be better off.

We have decided to put our place up for rent and with that we also got more work to do, now we cant even leave a few things around the house but everything has to go down into the garage if its not coming with us to Dubai. 
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