Trip back home

Our travelling actually went much better than I expected. The train ride was ok once I found space for the luggages. No rush at the airport so we got rid of our luggages and went to eat lunch. When we got to the burger place I saw some ppl in jackets saying swedish hockey something but I didnt think more about it. When we were eating I heard lots of spraying so I turned to look and I saw one of those ladies spraying on flowers. Didnt make sense but she kept on spraying and spraying. Then I saw that one was cutting small papers and the man was putting them on the flowers. Didnt have to think long until I realised that it must mean that the swedish junior hockey team was returning with their silver from the world cup! Thought it´d be rather cool to get some photos and since we werent rushed we decided to go and wait for them. Here are the photos I got
Kids with the lynx mascot, J was a bit afraid
This is with the captain of the team, and he plays with "my team" in the swedish league. I recognised him since I had been watching the matches on tv and he had been interviewed many times for footage inbetween the periods!
The flight went well and the kids didnt complain a lot even though we spent almost an hour waiting on the plane as someone had an expired passport (or I THINK a passport that wasnt valid for 6 months after the return to Sweden). This had been missed at the check in and only found out at the gate so their luggages had to found and it took forver. The kids ate, played on the tab, read, played snakes and ladders and stuck stickers. I even managed a small nap! Am very happy to know that they cope so well, that means we can fly away on holidays :)
A was a bit nervous when we came in for the landing though, when we flew back from Malta in summer he had gotten unwell and threw up on the coachride from the plane and he thought it would happen again. He said he was feeling unwell and gathered up a couple of vomit bags, some to carry with him and one that he opened and carried in his hand. I tried to explain that just cause it happened once doesnt mean it will happen again but obviously he could take the bags with him. Thankfully we got to park by a jetty and didnt need to go by coach and A was fine! As always in Dubai there are huge queues for passport control and I was soooo thankful for my e-gate so we didnt have to wait at all. After what felt like forever we got our luggages and could go out to R who had landed from Hong Kong just some two hours before us. We were so happy to see him!
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