Gastric flu?

This morning we had a playdate at the biketrack near Meydan. The kids and I all looked forward, it was time for me and R to catch up! J only rode her bike and played for about 10 minutes and then she came near me complaining that it was hot, she was tired and her eyes hurt. She lay down on the blanket near us but she kept complaining and her nose was a bit runny. I was sure she was catching a cold, its common (at least for me) to get watery and slightly burning eyes when I have a cold. We stayed put for an hour, it was getting too hot and J was not looking well at all so we decided to go home. She almost slept in the car but 3 minutes away from home she called out "mum i need to throw up!". I stopped the car as quickly as I could and ran around to help her out but I didnt make it. When I opened the door she had her whole mouth full and some hadnt fit and ran out. Poor thing had tried to keep it in! I got her out of the car and she threw up some more before we managed the last bit of drive home. At home she got to relax on a mattress by the tv, that´s standard treatment at our house when you´re sick and at the risk of throwing up (no staying on the sofa!) she felt ok and was hungry so she had some pretzels and a sandwich.
Two hours after she "ate" and 4½ hours after the first vomit she threw up again, twice in a short amount of time and since then nothing (6 hours later). I dont know what to think of it all, it doesnt feel like a normal gastric, too much time inbetween the throwing up and also the hunger? And where does the runny nose and hurting eyes fit in? Only time will tell but Im hoping I get to sleep tonight! J is sleeping on a mattress by the foot of my bed so that I can easily hear her and help her if she has to throw up again. Im therefore sitting here listening to her every move, checking up on her hoping she can make the bucket so I dont have to stay changing sheets in the middle of the night!

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