First goodbye

Today we said our first goodbye, to my dad. A was devastated and cried and cried, sobbing and asking why we cant live in Sweden and that Malta is so boring. J wants to do everything like her brother and was sobbing too "hejdåååå moooorfaaar" (goodbye grandpa). My poor little ones. Neither of them wanted to sleep near my mum, tonight it appears they want mummy cuddles :)

Soon time to go home

This visit to Sweden is soon over. On Wed, its time to go back home and to be honest Im looking forward to going home. Cant wait to be back in my house, my own routines, exercise and of course R! A doesnt want to go home at all and J is missing her dad.

Tomorrow we are going to my dad once last time and then we have Monday and Tuesday with my mum. We are connecting in Frankfurt and so does R! His flight comes in at about 11 so even though the Malta flight is not until the evening we will be catching an early flight so that we spend some time with him.


Finally we had some plus degrees so we could go out and make a snoman!

A is really angry, he wants to go faster!

A at the birthday party with pirate theme

Pictures from 13th Jan

Swedish sportsgala

Most of the awards went to the "right" people but I cant understand that Sedin didnt get male sportsperson! After having slept on it I can feel that it was probably right that Alshammar got the peoples award.

Highlight of the evening though was Heidis message to Björn Ferry, that he is going to be a father :D

Tough week...

....mentally. R is too far away


Check this out!

More pics

The days pass in the same manner, playing outside and inside, nothing new really but here are some more pics

Seasoned traveller

A is now so used to travelling that upon landing at Arlanda, quite a hard landing, he said: "they almost cracked my head"


Another day in the snow!

The kids just cant get enough of the snow. Today, even after more than an hour outside, with slightly cold hands they still didnt want to come in again! This afternoon when we went out for the second time we went to my mums neighbor (who is also the daughter of one of my mums close friends) to see if her boys wanted to come out to play. She has two sons, both of them more or less the same age as A & J. They were really lucky and the boys father came with a snowmobile so the older children could ride behind it on a sort of sleigh and the younger stayed with him on the vehicle. It was a great day and the kids slept easily :)

More snow

We just about have time to finish breakfast before the kids want to go out to play. Here we were out for a little bit before driving my mum to work and then off to my dad. He kept us well fed, we played even more in the snow, watched some Tour de Ski and I had time to go on the exercise bike. Managed to keep exhausted kids awake in the car on the way home and once they slep I had the best end to the day with M, my childhood friend coming over.

Shoe shopping

Already on the first day we had to go get some wintershoes for A but we couldnt go anywhere without playing  a bit in the snow first. The kids were sooo impressed, I dont know how many times I heard "there is soo much snow" :)

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

The trip

The trip went surprisingly well, we must have been ment to make it all the way. In Munich we got the buggy by the aircraft so I didnt have to walk "children pace" through the airport. My suitcase was number 3 to come out and we found no problem at the check in. At Arlanda the buggy was waiting for us at "special luggage" and when the normal luggages came out mine was actually the first one out! We made the first train aswell, perfect!

All in all the kids behaved well but towards the end, on the train, we were really running out of patience all of us! It was so great to breathe some clean air, and even more great to see how happy they were to see my mum again.

No update

Thought I would update tonight but no, I have better things to do. In just a little bit a very close childhood friend of mine is coming over for some tea and gossip, without kids! What luxury. Niiiice!

Update: R got safely across the Atlantic to Brazil, now we see when he gets settled in and we can talk.
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