Today we went to Buskett for a walk and picnic or "nicnic" as J calls it. The sun was shining and it was really warm but the xmas feeling is far far away. Here is how beautiful it was

A watching the orange trees

Kids showing off autumn leafs

Pictue doesnt make justice of the view, it was amazing

Mary Poppins

A was so cute when I talked to him on the phone from London. He asked "is London Bridge really falling down?". He also asked if I had met Mary Poppins :)

London update

Better late then never, here is a London update.

Had some trouble with the flight going there, a collegue and friend of R with wife and son (that is in J´s class at school) were going up with the same flight and at the check in we got seats spread out all over since all of a sudden the plane was almost full. The crew arranged for us though and we got an "unofficial" upgrade to club class. Relaxed in other words :)

When we arrived I had to wait for a few minutes for mum and M and then we headed for the tube. The trip was a bit confused, Circle line was not running at all but we solved it and found the hotel, very close to Paddington Station. Our room was not ready so we headed out again, quick lunch at Mc Donalds around the corner and then off to Picadilly Circus and Regent Street to walk towards Oxford Street. OMG how crowded it was. We were there the exact same dates last year and it was nowhere near as bad then. We couldnt put up with it very long and pretty empty handed (apart from a shampoo) we had dinner at Nando´s we went back to the hotel for some rest. Mum and M had left with the train at around 4 am and I had woken up at 5 so we were pretty tired!

We spent Sunday sightseeing. We werent going to go "in" anywhere but I wanted to show M some of the sights from the outside. Managed to find buslines that took us past Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye and Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden. I hadnt taken my mum there last year and she liked it a lot. We went in a few shops there and had a look at the "market" before we had tea and muffin at Muffinski´s. We had read about it on the internet, glutenfree muffins every day and impressingly also 3 different to choose between. We bought an extra to take with us, couldnt miss out on the opportunity :) After a loong walk via Russell Square and a closed lunchplace (where they have glutenfree wraps) we ended up back at Covent Garden to look for somewhere to eat. Everywhere was pretty crowded but we found a good place and headed off to Buckingham Palace before we went to Marble Arch and a quick shop at Primark before they closed and then we had another early night, with muffins and tea for dinner at the hotel :D

On Monday we went to Westfield shopping centre. Were supposed to meet my friend from "my first baby blog" but unfortunately she was not feeling well. We left from Westfield with heavy shopping bags filled from Marks & Spencer (underwear), The Entertainer (xmas presents for the kids, both from us and my mum). Back to the hotel to change and get ready for the musical. We saw Grease and it was very good. I found it extra nice that we on and off, got to see the orchestra playing, when I saw Mamma Mia last year I took it for granted that it was singback or playback but maybe they had an orchestra too?

Tueday was our last day and we headed to Oxford Street again, had a look in the shops one last time before we had lunch at Nando´s and then it was time to pass the hotel for our bags and go to Heathrow. Mum and M left from T5 so I went with them since my flight was much later, helped them check in and then we had some coffee and tea. When the left to go through security I went to T4 igen, kollade av "allt" en sista gång innan vi åt lunch på Nandos och and yet again it was a bit of a hassle for me to get on the flight. Only 5 seat available so I didnt get a seat but they took my bags and then you normally get a seat by the gate when they have confirmed that no one is showing up last minute willing to pay the full fare. Did my last shopping, Boots and WH Smith before I had last dinner in peace in quiet. Were lucky with the flight again and got a seat. When I was boarding I got a text from my mum that they had just landed! Back in Malta (at 00.40) my father in law picked me up at the airport since R had to stay home with the kids, waking them up in the middle of the night was not an option.

At home I found A in our bed, how cosy it was to get in bed next to him! In the middle of the night I woke up from his cold nose pressing on mine and when I opened my eyes he said "mamma?", yes i mumbled and he threw himself on me and gave me a long and hard hug, then a kiss and then he was so excited he had to wake up R to tell him that "mummy is back home". Even J was really happy when she woke up and I was there. Its great to be missed :)

The hotel was anything but luxury, but to me brilliant value for money. In London I feel you have to pay really lots to stay nice, there is nothing inbetween even though many hotels woluld like to call themselves middleclass. Bfast was continental yet they served yogurt and fresh fruit and for only 3 pounds extra they cooked english bfast. Let me know if anyone is interested to find out more.

London pics

With husband standby and therefore home Im spending time with him but here are some pictures for now (from my mum)

Muffins at Muffinski´s, they have glutenfree ones!!!

Covent Garden

On the bus


Yesterday I mentioned to the kids that Im going to travel and maybe it was mentioned this morning too, I cant remember but when I dropped off A at school he was really concerned and asked me when Im going, where Im going and for how long. He was not at all happy that I was going to leave them with their father but when I told him I will be away for 4 days he realized that it was the same amount of days that his dad had been away last week and that had been fine. I promised that we would talk on the phone. My little darling, I will miss him sooo much <3. (And before anyone gets upset, I will obviously miss J and R too but this post is about A)


Today A had his first real playdate. He has been excited since friday when it was decided, asking what day of the week M would be coming etc. Picked up two happy boys from school, they were holding hands so sweet! At home they were so worked up they couldnt eat. M played with different things every two minutes I think, guessing he wanted to play with as many things as possible before it was time to go home :D After about 3½ hrs of playing R drove him home since he was going near where Ms family live. I took the opportunity to get up on the crosstrainer. It was great to clear up my brain after all the craziness to two little boys and felt really good after a week of rest with too many "out of diet things" eaten during the weekend.

What lovely boys!

Some pics

Opening the biiig birthday present

At the party!

JP preparing the fishing game

J and her "team mate"

A fishing


The cake

Quick update

On sat we had A´s birthdayparty, it was really stressful up to it, just like we thought with R´s simulator sessions in Amsterdam so close to it. Party for a girl in his class on friday, cleaning, shopping and baking right up until the end! The party went well, kids had fun and JP did a good job to keep the kids entertained. If all kids had been 4 years old it could have been better but he did the best he could and really tried to involv all the kids as much as possible. J was sooo excited and ran around calling out "happy birthday" whenever someone came and before any guests arrived she had wet herself so we had to change her party outfit before anyone even saw her! Sunday was recovery day and today back to school. We have painted some plaster shapes that A got for his birthday from JP & D. Now its getting time to prepare dinner so they kids can go to bed on time. R is working and Im looking forward to a nice relaxed evening. Tomorrow Im going to be back to exercising again after being sick and without anyone to take care of kids for me.

Missing my husband

Sitting here alone yet another evening. How I miss my husband!

Wonderfullest, best, cutest, loveliest 4 year old

Just about exactly 4 years ago I was in the delivery room, exhausted but with my little boy in my arms...He is so happy to be 4 years old! Despite the tough first time with colic and a never happy baby he turned into the best son you could ever ask for. He makes me proud each day and I love him more than I thought would be possible!

He slept like a rock this morning, me and J had to sing to him 5 times while shaking him a bit before he woke up :D The cupcakes were not so hard so I sent the Mickey Mouse ones and when I picked up a very happy and excited boy at school his teacher had made him a birthday crown that he was sooo proud of. Kids at school had sang for him TWICE he told me happily.

I hope I get to be here for many more birthdays!

A taking photos :)

....daddy and J

Canadian husband

Canadian cousin with J

"aunt" D



L and J

Found some pics...

Here are some pics from sunday lunch at parents in law

Dont mind R´s sad is the birthday cake


R left yesterday for his autumn simulator. Today he has the first session, second tomorrow and will be back on thursday afternoon. As always he was really nervous and worried but I think that is how he has to be to perform at his best. Kids are missing him a lot, A is counting the days until he comes back and J keeps asking for him all the time. Yesterday I had a crappy day, too tired to handle and couldnt get anything done. Today I have bettered mysef, did the shopping and also baked all afternoon. Was making cupcakes for A to take to school instead of a cake. I had ordered really cute muffincases with Mickey Mouse on but they must have been too big because the muffins took so long to be ready that they got a hard shell on top. Made some more in smaller cases and they were better but not enough to send to school so I ended up doing yet another load. Second round smaller muffins looked much better when they came out of the oven but then they sunk in and ended up with a hole. Will see if I even have enough to make 21 of the same kind for his class but I will wait until tomorrow to see which ones Im going to send, I brushed some water on the hard shell and hoping they wil soften up a bit over night.

Tomorrow I have a wonderful little 4 year old in my house <3


Today has been a really long day, alarmclock set to take the kids to their grandparents, then up to Qawra to pick up the canadians and off to Ghajn Tuffieha where we had the photoshoot. The sun came and went but I think they got lots of nice pictures, thanks to a great photographer and relaxed "objects". I was really impressed with them, I would have laughed all the time, feeling sooo strange infront of the camera! Passed by home to pick up the cake I baked yesterday and off to the parents in law. There we had lunch and lots of talking even though there was a bit of a strange feeling since R´s sister E spent almost all the time crying. I dont know why, this time around we said we dont want to get in the middle but Im guessing things are not so good between her and her husband again. Im not even sure the cousin knows anything about how things are between those two so it must have been even more awkward for her. The day finished off with a trip to R´s brothers house to see how things are going there, they are moving in in about 6 months now :) There we got to see a lovely thunderstorm coming in over Malta, really cosy!

Now Im sitting exhausted on the sofa, wondering how early it is "ok" to go to bed.....

Scooters and playing

Last tuesday we went out to play with the scooters, here are some pics

On your marks, get set.....

one competition going on

Banana break in the sun

The other one in she shade

Skola sport

Today is skola sport day, im hoping for good weather so they can be outside...Check out what a lovely view they have from the grounds

Right now... seems to rain in our house ;)


On wednesday R´s newlywed cousin and her husband came as a part of their honeymoon. I have never met her before but they are both really sweet. Yesterday we took them to Mdina and Golden Bay for coffee. It was really nice to spend some time together! Tonight we had thought about joining them and R´s brother and sister for dinner in Birgu but since R has got his simulator next week he needs to study so we decided to stay home. Today we cleaned the house, did the shopping and I also had time for a walk with a swedish friend. It was really nice to have company for a change and good to talk for a bit. Whenever kids are around there just doesnt seem to be time and you get interupted all the time. Walking was good for me too since my throat is hurting and I coughed a bit last night, dont want to stay on my ass but crosstrainer wouldnt have been right for me today.

My mum booked her tickets to come see us in summer, her leave will be early next year so she will come on the 19th of june and stay until the 7th of july. We look forward to having her here for a slightly longer time.

Im exhausted, looking forward to when its time for bed. Happy weekend everybody!

Hard times

Last few days have been hard again, changing of the hour has the kids waking up at 5 in the morning, J sick, REALLY unstable at R´s workplace etc etc. On top of that a cold lurking for me, at least that is what I thought. Really tired, sore throat and sneezing on and off. In the end though I recognized the symptoms for what they were, hayfever. Lesser of two evils really, with hayfever I can still exercise :D

Kids have got midterm holidays and are off from monday to wednesday and R is off with us, its nice to be together all of us like that. Today we went out in the sun, kids driving their scooters, played in a playground and then I ordered new glasses. Niiiice! My old were really scratched and the ones I had before that (and im using right now) are plastic frame and dont stay nicely on my nose, if I make a sudden movement or bend forward to pick up something they slide off. If you wear your glasses every day they need to have "nosepads" to keep them in place, especially if you live where its warm and you end up sweating.

A was invited to a classmates birthdayparty yesterday but it wasnt really a success after his lack of sleep. One hour into the party another mum came to get me from the room where the parents were waiting and chatting because he was crying. I tried to reason with him and he said he was crying because he thought I left him alone, furthermore he thought the music was too loud, he was also sad beacuse the limbo stick came further and further down so in the end he couldnt get under. We had gone to sit outside in some peace and quiet but he kept crying and rubbing his eyes telling me he couldnt take it any longer, he wanted to go home. Of course we did go home, birthday parties are supposed to be fun and no one can force you to have fun!

We´ll see what is in store tomorrow, Im hoping I dont have to wake up at 5!
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