I love to travel and in the last 24 hours we have confirmed two trips. One is the London trip we wanted to do. Yesterday the leaveplans for 2013 have been approved or rejected and when R checked he got his april leave. He didnt get the october one but that we will deal with later. We  hadnt dared taking the april leave for granted since it falls during the school holidays and Emirates had said that they wouldnt be able to give any more leave during the first two weeks of april. I had my mind set on us having to hope for days off instead of leave, meaning we would have to wait until 23rd march when april roster comes out until we would know for sure. Thankfully they approved the leave and I was very happy about it last night, R on the other hand seemed even more excited calling out "London, baby" every now and then. We have already started dreaming about where and what we are going to eat :D
The other trip will happen quite soon when the kids have midterm, next weekend. R got some leave around this time so we had planned to try to do something fun together, without a flight though. We started out thinking about Fujeirah (where we went last year and loved it) but we felt it would be a bit too expensive, especially since its too cold to spend full days around the pool. We were thinking of Abu Dhabi but hotels are expensive there too and we know nothing about it so we dont know what areas are good for doing touristy stuff, also, for whatever reason I have no desire to visit Abu Dhabi! In the emirate of Abu Dhabi there is a city called Al Ain where they have a zoo that is supposed to be clean and well taken care of so that sounded like a good place for us. Its a 2 hour drive but we decided to check for hotels so we dont have to drive after a long day and can relax a bit with a nice hotel breakfast etc. We found a hotel that seems to be nice and good value for money so next weekend we´ll be off to Al Ain!
I really look forward to these trips, I love spending time together all of us when we dont have the everyday "musts" hanging over our heads.
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