Monday morning...

This term has passed so quickly, last 4 days of school to go and we cant wait! R is doing his medical right now, a yearly checkup that the pilots have to do to make sure they are healthy enough to fly a plane. This means he has the car so I couldnt go help out in J´s class. Instead I went for a walk this morning, followed by a bath and some swedish tv on the computer. Right now Im waiting to hear from R to see what we are going to do when he is ready.
J has her last ballet class today and that means we can go in and see her which will be fun of course. Since R is not working the whole family will go see her, she will be very excited about that :) It will be the last class she does with this teacher, which Im really happy about but that is a whole other entry reallly.
On Friday we leave for London. Im sooo looking forward. The sleeping plans changed a bit though since my friend will be going away for easter and they offered us to borrow their house which of course will be much more convenient for us than sleeping on the other friend´s tvroom floor. Dont get me wrong, we are very happy to have friends in London to avoid paying for hotels but when you have the choice of staying in an empty house its pretty easy. Just in case someone had missed that detail, after London we will be heading to Malta for some 10 days. Looking forward to seeing both the "new" and "old" cousin and of course my friends back in Malta but most of all I look forward to having some time with my whole family without the musts of every day life.

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