Gluten free in Pisa

Upon checking the coeliac associations website there were a few options for eating out even in a small place like Pisa. We had looked up the best place to park the car and found a restaurant that we would walk past on our way to the tower from the parking. It was not a long walk, it took us 10 minutes at the most (walking with kids!) Luckily we stopped by at the restaurant to talk to them on the way into the centre and it turned out they make the pizza dough fresh on order so for pizza you need to pre-order and give them an hour or two to get it ready. I decided this was the time to take a pizza, homemade and fresh so I ordered a pizza base (you can decide which kind you want later) and headed to the tower. They had a separate glutenfree menu and the pizza was only 50 cent more than the normal pizzas = very good value for money! My food AND dessert also came on different design plates than the "normal" food, to make sure there wouold be no confusion.
When we came back I decided on a pizza with ham and gorgonzola and it was amazingly good!
This time around I decided on a dessert, semi freddo on forest berries. 
While we walked around in Pisa I saw this place that claimed to have gluten free if anyone would prefer to eat a bit more central however I would still suggest to do the walk to Scaletta, less than 10 minutes walk and really really good!
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