Year 1 Swim Gala at DESS

Today was the day for the Year 1 Swim Gala at DESS. The children competed in two of the different swimstrokes and the points were added up for their houses. I have to say Im very impressed with the children´s ability and the dedication of their teachers. 5-6 year olds swimming 25 meters is really not bad!
The Panthers
The Lynx
The Leopards
The Jaguars
First start of the day, some really brave children swam a full 25 mt medley race!
C, one of A´s best friends
Starting positions vary a lot :)
J, the boy we carpool with
A ready for his crawl race
and then the backstroke
which eventually he won!
Happy Jaguars
A is one of 4 house captains for the Jaguars and after the very close loss to the Leopards in the Sports Day in January he was hoping to get to carry the cup this time around. Here he is getting ready for his leg in the relay...
....breaststroke, his "hate" stroke!
in the lead though!
The Jaguars won the boys relay but unfortunately it was not enough for the total win....
....the Jaguars came second....
....only two points behind the Panthers
A was looking really sad until he walked past us in the parade, he really wanted to carry that cup.

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