Gluten free in Venice

We booked our hotel with airline staff discount through Emirates and stayed in the Novotel Mestre Castellana as it was the only hotel that could fit all 4 of us in one room. Without knowing it the hotel actually provided gluten free breakfast. I got two slightly heated Schär panini with special ham and a small basket of other stuff like muesli, crackers, biscuits and sponges.
We had our first dinner in Venice at "L'Osteria All'Ombra". They had a separate gluten free menu that included all the ready meals DS have to offer (tortellini, canelloni, pizza and lasagne) All dishes were 12 Euro and to be perfectly honest I think its quite expensive for dishes I can buy from the supermarket freezer for 4-5 Euro! However if you dont live in Europe and are not used to the slection there is in the supermarkets there I guess it would be really exciting...On the other hand they had some desserts (like profiteroles) that would have been interesting had we not been so tired by then.
My canneollni. Unfortunately I didnt take lots of photos at this place but you can read some more about it and find directions on Trip Advisor.
On our second day in Venice we walked by ths place where hubby had eaten during one of his layovers in Venice.
and they had this sign in the window
a bowl of glutenfree pasta displayed on the table to make your pick of pasta
Apparently I didnt get a photo of my food (probably I was so hungry I gulped it down!) but I had tagliatelle with quattro formaggio sauce. It was very good but I have to say every time I eat pasta in a restaurant I keep thinking about how useless it is paying for something I can easily cook as good, if not better at home. The owner was very "italian" and talkative but I was too tired and hungry to appreciate it. They served an apertif and grappa on the house, my plate of pasta did not cost any extra for glutenfree and I think it was around 9 Euro. Here is the place on Trip Advisor


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