A was playing games on BBC today, one of his favourites is "I can cook game". Its really no surprise, he loves it when he gets to help out in the kitchen. In the game today he baked shortbread cookies and asked me if we could make them for real and I said yes why not so right now kids went to Spinneys with R to buy the ingredients we need. Apart from that while disucssing the swedish bfast morning Im hosting next week (same day R returns from Malta for the last time) and R suggested to serve some maltese ftira I thought it was a great idea however we both concluded it wouldnt stay good overnight. Then I googled to find a receipe and lo and behold, I found one so now Im preparing the "biga" (similar to sourdough) to try my hand at baking ftira tomorrow. It will take some time but Im hoping it will pass the test!  
Update: Here are the cookies we baked
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