Primary school?!

Today when I arrived for my Kettlebells class I went with the usual routine, put my water and towel on a mat, checked the board for exercises to know what weights I needed and placed the kettlebells by the mat. At this point one of the old timers showed up and says: "Oh are you on that mat? Its my place". To be honest I thought she was joking but just to be polite I told her "yes, but I can move if you want". She didnt reply but started putting her kettlbells infront of that mat so basically I had to move. Didnt have time to think more about it but I was very surprised. When another old timer came in they stayed chatting and I didnt listen but I heard the end of the conversation when the person that I moved for said "yes, someone was on my spot too" and I realized that they had discussed one of the other new ones that was apparently also standing in "someone elses spot"! The level felt like primary school...I mean what the heck? "my spot? What kind of difference does it make where you stand? I had no idea that they had their own places and they havent even been there every time I have been and since there are only as many mats out as needed someone else has to stay in that spot so how on earth are you supposed to know if they are coming or not? And these are supposed to be grown up women?!?!
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