Today we had a lovely relaxed day. We had planned to take a walk together all of us (with kids on their bikes) but we had to make it a short version as it kept on raining. I though it would be few drops here and few drops there like when I walked yesterday but I was mistaken. R had a simualtor session today and it always stresses him out and he gets really grumpy but I have to say we didnt do that bad today. I manged to cut A´s hair, saturday treats with the usual movie, boardgames, food and a little bit of work in the garden. It has been raining on and off all day and it has been one of those grey and lovely days when you are fine doing nothing much. When I was preparing dinner the kids wanted to go out in the rain but I said no, partly cause I didnt have time go with them and partly cause we had already gotten wet and showered today plus I had no time to help them with another shower. Instead they opened both balcony doors at the back and sat down on their chairs (inside) watching the rain. How sweet is that? When the rain stopped for a bit they went out together to look at stuff in the garden, like counting sunflowers and buds. Its great so see that sometimesthey can do stuff together without fighting!
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