Busy, busy, busy...

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. In the morning we went to "San Anton Gardens" and "Presidents Kitchen Garden". We got to see plenty of flowers and animals, pet some cats and played. The lasting memory for me though will be the smell. The lemontrees are in bloom and they smell heavenly! I really wish there was a way you could keep the smell with you in the same way you can take a photo of something to be reminded how it looked like....
We went home for a quick lunch before we went to explore a new playground in Marsaskala where we were meeting a pilot friend and her son. Playground was great but it was a bit too windy so we didnt stay too long.
E needed some help in the house so we dropped off the kids with the grandparents and went to Gharghur. An hour and a half later we threw down some dinner and had a quick shower to go out again and meet a university friend. It was very nice to meet up, F used to "take care" of me when R was studying in Spain and I was living in Malta alone. F is from Gozo and studied at university in Malta so he was here a bit on his own too so we used to meet up for a movie once a week or so and I knew I could always call him if I needed any sort of help around the house.

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