Star of the week

I dont know if I have mentioned it before, but the classes (at least the younger ones) at DESS have a class mascot (in Year 1 they actually have two). Each weekend these softtoys decide which child to go home with during the weekend. This will be the star of the week, a child that has worked extra hard and has followed the golen rules (to respect eachother, teachers, school etc etc). Every thursday when I picked up A, he has come out of the classroom with tears in his eyes because he didnt get to take home a softtoy. "I have been sooo good this week". Poor thing! I have tried to explain that Im sure he has been good but maybe other children have been too. But good things come to those who wait, when our friends got him home yesterday he had Fiona, the deer, with him. He´s shining like the sun, repeating that he is star of the week and takes Fiona with him everywhere :)
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