Sometimes luck is on your side....

....other times not. I think I have to say luck was on my side today though. DESS took the school photos today and tomorrow and they were offering sibling photographs for those who wanted after school. I would have prefered to have it done today but when I emailed the school to see if it would be done both days or not  they said only on Wednesday. When I picked up J though it turned out it was not the case, they were taking photos today too so we went in and didnt have to wait that long until we were done. Im very happy!
Less than a week ago I went to Next and tried on some jeans. I needed a new pair and wanted to try some on to be able to send an order with R as he was going to fly to Glasgow a few days later and all Next things are really expensive here and really well priced in the UK. I hadnt really looked at the price but normally is about double here and in the UK they were only 20 punds (ie. approx 32 USD). I had taken down the article number and size for R to easily find them in the shop but it turned out they were all sold out! I therefore decided to call around the Next shops here in Dubai and get them from here, regardless of cost. The one in Dubai Mall didnt have them and the salesperson told me that they were sold out but they had a very similar model and they had only one in my size. She was going to keep them for me until tomorrow but when I checked them online I found that in the UK the price was double compared to the original pair I wanted. That´s when I decided to keep on trying the other shops here to see if someone might have them. In Mirdif City Centre they told me they would check and call me back and believe it or not she did call me back telling me that they had only one pair left of that model and it happened to be the size I needed!!! She was going to keep them for me until tomorrow until I asked her about the price it turned out that since it was the last one it was on offer. The original price was 400 AED (approx 68 pounds/109 USD) and were now 100 AED (approx 17 pounds/ 27 USD) and therefore it was not possible to keep them overnight. I didnt hesitate getting the kids in the car and heading out even though I knew that it would be tight for dinner. In the end though I even had time to try them on again, got them for a fourth of their original price, even less than they would have been from the UK and dinner was served on time. Phew!
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