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I dont think I mentioned it here on the blog but we bought a garden dinner table last sunday (not yesterday but the week before) and they were supposed to be delivered last saturday. It was a special offer and they had to colours to choose between, beige and green. The green was "bottle green" and not at all nice for furniture and the beige would look good with the colour of our house to it was an easy choice. On Saturday they called and wanted to deliver our GREEN table?! :O When R said no, we bought beige they said it was sold out but R didnt accpet and since then we have been bugging them about the table. They promised to call us back yesterday but after lunch R called them and they knew nothing. He tried a different number too and they said they would call back but surprise surprise they didnt. He called again this morning and they said it could take 24 hours for them to call back and R said its really not ok, we had to wait one week for original delivery and we need that table. An hour or so later the called to check that we were home for delivery of our beige table. Incredible! Its sooooo Dubai and its very frustrating and annoying. Why should you have to be angry and say you are going to want your money back and go someplace else before they do anything? Its so tough mentally to have to get so worked up every time!
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