Proud mama

Im a very proud mama on any given day and today even more so. DESS had parents day and we had nothing but praise for A. His P.E teacher said that even though he has only been his teacher a short while he notices that he is doing very well in the swimming, and that he has got a good attitude and listens carefully to instructions. His arabic teacher said he always sits at the front, eager to learn more and more and his class teacher had so much praise for him I thought I was going to cry. She said he is very bright (one of the top students in his whole grade) and he listens well with a positive attitude. She also showed us his writing work and its on level with what the "average" student in year 2 (a year older than him) would do. He´s been breezing through the maths and reading really well too. Of course Im very proud of him but I want to point it out that I dont expect the kids to be top grade or even class cause I know those things change. Hearing that he is well behaved, with a positive attitude really makes my day though. What about J then? Her teacher was ill and home today so that appointment was cancelled so we´ll  have to wait and see what they have to say about her.
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