Im back

I think Im back on the blog now. Those first few weeks of school have been manic, driving kids, going to the gym and then picking up J early. I have been knackered at the end of the day but from this week J is back on track, her school days normal length until 2.15.
What has happened since last then? Not much I think, R has been working quite a lot in the beginning of October. We did go try out bowling though and we had a blast! That is until it was over and A got upset that J did a strike and he did not. He spent about an hour crying and screaming. Kids also had a party in the Villa compund and they both had a great time. A is really looking forward to his party, the invites went out yesterday, party bags have been bought and thank you cards are ready. Hope they will all enjoy it and next year we will then make a smaller party.
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