Flu jab

On wednesday the whole family went to the clinic for the yearly flu jab. Since I have a chronic disease with supressed immune system I have been recommended to take any vaccine that can help me. For the same reason we think its better if the whole family do it, not to drag anything into the house and so last wednesday it that time of year. J started getting herself worked up even as we arrived at the clinic and it just got worse. In the vaccination room she went crazy and cried like someone was trying to kill her. R got his first "to try it out, if he didnt cry it wasnt so bad" but it didnt help, instead A had started getting himself worked up too, crying with worry so I got mine next. Then I managed to get A on my lap and calm him down enough to get his injection. He took it well and actually giggled a bit afterwards, feeling stupid for crying over that. J didnt calm down though, in the end another nurse had to come in and help holding her down so they could give her the shot. Of course its never fun to force someone so sad to do something but sometimes you have no choice. In this case we also knew that it wouldnt actually hurt her, it was all in her mind! When I carried her out of the room and into the reception I met a mum I know while J was still sobbing to me that it "reeeeaaaally hurt" and she asked me if it was J crying like that? Apparently the whole clinic had heard her even though the door was closed! It took her ages to calm down properly. I hope one day we can go to the clinic without her getting an injection one day, so she can stop worry every time we go there ;)
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